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Consider These/ Ta yp’opsin /Τα υπ’ όψιν

 Chicago, June 6, 2012

Greek Chicago journalists Elena Spilioti and George Zorbas team up again on a new venture: a multifaceted web forum that includes social media, blogs and a weekly podcast.

Both Spilioti and Zorbas have worked in print and broadcast journalism. Together they anchored several news programs at Hellenic Radio from 1995 to 2002. The last 10 years they launched a string of new ventures, individually and as a team. She anchored her own Sunday radio talk show “Stis Deka? Stis Deka!” He worked as a publishing advisor for KPHTH magazine.

They call their new collaboration an “accrescent dream».

Starting July 1st and every Sunday from 10:00 p.m. to midnight, their podcast Ta yp’opsin (Τα υπ’ όψιν), freely translated as Consider These, will be broadcasting in Greek courtesy of  the Chicago Greek Radio at

The podcast will then be uploaded to these pages.

Τα υπ’ όψιν aims to bring a sense of fairness, accuracy, authenticity, and excitement to online news media. For two informative and entertaining hours you can enjoy discussion, arguments, interviews and great music. Conversation will cover current events, musical tastes, culture and all that is important to consider.

Emails and comments are welcomed at any time at:


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